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Welcome to the website for the Anglian Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme

The programme began in 1987 and was the first regional-scale programme in UK. Its aims have been to provide essential coastal data to inform tidal flood and coastal erosion risk management decisions between the Humber and Thames estuaries, which includes the low-lying and potentially vulnerable Anglian coastal frontage.

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Programme Background

The Anglian Coastal Monitoring programme (ACM), formerly known as the Anglian "Sea Defence Management Study", was initiated in 1987 and when it started was the first coastal monitoring programme to be operated on a region-wide scale in the UK.

The ACM was always planned to be a continuous and long-running programme; indeed, its greatest value was anticipated after 20 years of continuous monitoring data had been collected, enabling longer term coastal changes to be identified over the whole Anglian Region. This will complement the understanding of short-term or seasonal variations identified during the initial years of the programme.

To date the ACM programme has involved eight phases of activity, yielding some 22 years worth of data. These data have already proved invaluable on numerous flood and erosion risk management activities over this period, from high-level and strategic planning, through coastal and estuarine process studies, to the design and post-project evaluation of schemes.

Table 1 History of the Anglian Coastal Monitoring Programme

I Existing information and data collation 1987 - 1991
II Specialist studies to fill gaps in knowledge
III Introduction and development of a GIS
IV Initial five-year period of monitoring 1991 - 1996
V Further five-year period of monitoring 1991 - 1996
VI Further five-year period of monitoring 1996 - 2001
VI Further five-year period of monitoring 2001 - 2006
VII Further five-year period of monitoring 2006 - 2011
VIII Further five-year period of monitoring 2011 - 2016

Survey Programme Schedule

All scheduled surveys:

ACM Survey Plan (2021-2027)

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