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Annual Survey Report Selsey Bill to Southampton Water 2019

General Information
Type of data: document
Type of document: Annual Report
Coastal Group: SCG
Geographic Keywords: Bracklesham, East Wittering, Bracklesham Bay,The Solent,The Witterings,Fareham, Newtown, Hook Park,The Solent,Solent Breezes,Fareham,The Solent,Solent Breezes, Chilling, Sea House, Brownwich, Meon Shore, Titchfield Haven, Hill Head Harbour,Gosport, Haslar, Royal Naval Hospital Haslar, Fort Monckton, Gilkicker Point,The Solent,Portsmouth Harbour,Gosport, Lee-on-the-Solent, Hill Head,The Solent,Salterns,Gosport, Stokes Bay, Browndown, Browndown Point,The Solent,Fort Gilkicker, Gilkicker Point,Hayling Bay, South Hayling, Chichester Harbour,The Solent,Sandy Point, Eastoke, Black Point,Langstone Harbour, Sinah Common, South Hayling, East Winner,The Solent,Ferry Point, Gunner Point, The Kench, Inn on the Beach,Portsmouth, Southsea Common, Clarence Pier,The Solent,Southsea, Old Portsmouth,Portsmouth Harbour,Selsey, Bracklesham Bay,The Solent,West Wittering, Chichester Harbour,The Solent,The Witterings,
Management Unit: 5bSU04,5bSU02,5dSU18,5dSU19,5dSU17,5aSU08,5aSU09,5aSU01,5aSU02,5aSU03,5aSU04,5aSU05,5aSU06,5aSU07,5aSU12,5aSU11,5aSU10,5bSU03,5bSU05,5bSU01
Cell: 5a,5b
Data owned by: Channel Coastal Observatory
Publication date (YYYYMMDD) 20200416
Title of Document Annual Survey Report Selsey Bill to Southampton Water 2019
Author E. Evans
Link http://www.channelcoast.org
Project Title Southeast Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme
The organistaion responsible for the larger work Channel Coast Observatory
Abstract Annual Survey Report Selsey Bill to Southampton Water 2019
Purpose of data collection: Information for SMP, general coastal management and particular schemes such as saltmarsh studies, soft cliff movements, beach processes.
Start date (YYYYMMDD): 20190101
End date (YYYYMMDD): 20191231
Currentness Reference N/A
Survey progress: Complete
Update due: 2020
Min easting -1.32391083481638
Max Easting -0.792686566332184
Max Northing 50.8062430988472
Min Northing 50.6993511576174
Theme Keywords Thesaurus N/A
Theme Keywords Document, Report, Publication
Place Keyword Thesaurus Southeast Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme
Place Keyword Southeast Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme
Access Constraints None - Public data
Usage Constraints http://www.channelcoast.org/?link=disclaimer.html
Quality Information
Logical Consistency Report Consistent
Completeness Report Complete
Has data been processed in any way? N/A
Process Date (YYYYMMDD) N/A
Distribution Information
Contact Person Thomas Dhoop
The organization to contact to get the data Channel Coastal Observatory
Address Type N/A
Address Channel Coastal Observatory, National Oceanography Centre, European Way
City Southampton
State or Province Hampshire
Postal Code SO14 3ZH
Country UK
Contact Voice Telephone +44 (0)23 8059 8468
Contact Facsimile Telephone N/A
Contact Electronic Mail Address Thomas.Dhoop@noc.soton.ac.uk
Distribution Liability N/A
Format name pdf document
Format Information Content File contains one or several items of text, images, maps, diagrams.
Network Resource Name http://www.channelcoast.org/data_management/online_data_catalogue/metadata/search/index.php?action=view_metadata&id=522943
Access Instructions Register on-line as a new user
Fees Data available free of charge
Ordering Instruction Download data on-line
Metadata Information Created On
Metadata created on (YYYYMMDD) 20200416
Data collected by Channel Coastal Observatory
Comments None
Metadata Standard Name FGDC Content Standard for Geospatial Metadata
Metadata Standard Version FGDC-STD-001-1998
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