Southeast Regional Coastal Monitoring Programme

Survey Programme Schedule

The following maps show the extent of survey for each data type for the six year survey programme 2021 - 2027.

Aerial Photography

Swath Bathymetry

Topographic Surveys (Cell 4)

Topographic Surveys (Cell 5)


The one page summaries below give details of the survey programme for each management unit:

Cell 4 - Isle of Grain to Selsey Bill

4aSU01 Allhallows 4cSU14 Lydd Ranges
4aSU02 Grain Village 4cSU15 Jury's Gap
4aSU03 Grain Power Station 4cSU16 Camber Sands
4aSU04 Sheerness 4cSU17 Winchelsea Beach
4aSU05 Minster 4cSU18 Fairlight Cove
4aSU06 Leysdown 4cSU19 Fairlight Glen
4aSU07 Shellness 4cSU20 Hastings
4aSU08 Seasalter 4cSU21 Bulverhythe
4aSU09 Whitstable 4cSU22 Bexhill
4aSU10 Tankerton 4cSU23 Pevensey Bay
4aSU11 Swalecliffe 4cMU28 Sovereign Harbour
4aSU12 Herne Bay 4cMU29 Eastbourne
4aSU13 Bishopstone 4cSU25 Beachy Head
4aSU14 Northern Sea Wall 4dMU18C Beachy Head and Holywell to Biring Gap
4aSU15 Minnis Bay 4dMU18B Birling Gap
4aSU16 Margate 4dMU18A Cuckmere Haven (East) to Birling Gap
4aSU17 Foreness Point 4dMU17 Cuckmere Haven
4bSU01 North Foreland 4dMU16 Seaford Head to Cuckmere Haven
4bSU02 Broadstairs 4dMU15B Newhaven Harbour Arm (East) to Seaford Head
4bSU03 Ramsgate 4dMU15A Newhaven Harbour
4bSU04 Pegwell Bay 4dMU14 Peacehaven Heights to Newhaven Harbour Arm (West)
4bSU05 Sandwich Bay 4dMU13B Telscombe to Peacehaven Heights
4bSU06 Deal 4dMU13A Telscombe Cliffs
4bSU07 Hope Point 4dMU12 Brighton Marina (Eastern Arm) to Saltdean
4bSU08 St Margaret's at Cliffe 4dMU11 Brighton Marina
4cSU01 South Foreland 4dMU10 Aldrington to Brighton Marina (Western Arm)
4cSU02 Dover Harbour 4dMU9B Shoreham Harbour Arm (East) to Aldrington
4cSU03 Shakespeare Cliffe 4dMU9A Lancing to Shoreham Harbour Arm (West)
4cSU04 Samphire Hoe 4dMU8B Goring-by-Sea to Lancing
4cSU05 Abbot's Cliffe 4dMU8A Rustington to Goring-by-Sea
4cSU06 The Warren 4dMU7 Littlehampton Harbour Mouth to Rustington
4cSU07 Copt Point 4dMU6 Elmer to Littlehampton Harbour Mouth
4cSU08 Folkestone 4dMU5 Elmer
4cSU09 Sandgate 4dMU4 West Bognor Regis to Elmer
4cSU10 Hythe Ranges 4dMU3 Pagham to West Bognor Regis
4cSU11 Dymchurch 4dMU2A Pagham Harbour to Pagham
4cSU12 Romney Sands 4dMU2 Church Norton to Pagham Harbour
4cSU13 Dungeness Power Station 4dMU1 Selsey Bill to Church Norton

Cell 5 - Selsey Bill to Portland Bill

5aCPU3 West Beach to Bracklesham 5fPHB14 Lilliput Pier to Salterns Marina
5aCPU4 Bracklesham to East Wittering 5fPHB13 Salterns Marina to Parkstone Yacht Club
5aCPU5 Cakeham Estate to East Head 5fPHB12 Parkstone Bay and Baiter Park
5aCPU6 Sandy Point to Inn on the Beach 5fPHB11 Town Quay
5aCPU7 Inn on the Beach to Langstone Harbour Entrance 5fPHB10 Holes Bay (E, N & W)
5aLANHbr Hayling Billy Trail 5fPHB9 Hamworthy Quays
5aCPU8 Langstone Harbour Entrance to Southsea Castle 5fPHB8 Defence 681/2442 to Hamworthy Quay
5aCPU9 Southsea Castle to Portsmouth Harbour Entrance 5fPHB7 Rockley
5bPoHbr Porchester Castle to Fareham Quay 5fPHB6 Lychett Bay
5bCPU10 Portsmouth Harbour Entrance to Fort Gilkicker 5fPHB5 Holton Point to Hyde's Quay
5bCPU11 Fort Gilkicker to Browndown Ranges 5fPHB4 Hyde's Quay to South Haven Point
5bCPU12 Lee-on-the-Solent to Hill Head Harbour 5fPHB3 Brownsea Island (Undefended Western Section)
5bCPU13 Hill Head Harbour to Solent Breezes 5fPHB2 Brownsea Island (Eastern Defended Section)
5bCPU14 Solent Breezes to Hook Lake 5fPHB1 The Islands (excluding Brownsea) Furzey, Green Round, Long Islands
5bHAM8 Hook Park to Warsash North
5fSTU4 Shell Bay
5bHAM7 Warsash North to Crableck Marina
5fSTU3 Studland Sandspit
5bHAM6 Crableck Marina
5fSTU2 Studland Sandspit to The Warren
5bHAM5 Crableck Marina to Swanwick Shore Road
5fSTU1 The Warren to Handfast Point
5bHAM4 Swanwick Shore Road to Badnam Creek
5fSWA5 Handfast Point to Ballard Point
5bHAM3 Badnam Creek to Lands End Lane
5fSWA4 Ballard Point to Sheps Hollow
5bHAM2 Lands End Lane to Satchell Marshes
5fSWA3 Sheps Hollow to Outfall Jetty
5bHAM1 Satchell Marshes to Hamble Common Point
5fSWA2 Outfall Jetty to Swanage Pier
5cNET6 Hamble Common Point to Hamble Oil Terminal 5fSWA1 Swanage Pier to Peveril Point
5cNET5 Hamble Oil Terminal to Ensign Industrial Park 5fDUR3 Peveril Point to Durlston Cliff Flats
5cNET4 Ensign Industrial Park to Cliff House 5fDUR2 Durlston Cliff Flats
5cNET3 Cliff House to Netley Hard 5fDUR1 Durlston Cliff Flats to Durlston Head
5cNET2 Netley Hard to Netley Castle 5gCPU14c Durlston Head to Anvil Point
5cNET1 Netley Castle to Weston Point 5gCPU14b Anvil Point to Seacombe Cliff
5cITCH4 Weston Point to Cobden Bridge
5gCPU14a Seacombe Cliff to St Aldheim's Head
5cITCH3 Cobden Bridge to Woodmill Lane Bridge
5gCPU13c St Aldheim's Head to Boat House
5cITCH2 Woodmill Lane Bridge to Ocean Village
5gCPU13b Boat House to Chapmans Pool (West)
5cITCH1 Ocean Village to Southampton Port
5gCPU13a Chapmans Pool (West) to Egmont Bight
5cTEST6 Southampton Port to Redbridge
5gCPU12d Egmont Bight to Clavel Tower
5cTEST5 Redbridge to Eling Creek
5gCPU12c Clavel Tower to White House
5cTEST4 Eling Creek to Royal Navy Armaments Depot
5gCPU12b White House to Kimmerige Bay (West)
5cTEST3 Royal Navy Armaments Depot to Cracknore Hard
5gCPU12a Kimmerige Bay (West) to Broad Bench
5cTEST2 Cracknore Hard to Marchwood Military Port
5gCPU11 Broad Bench to Worbarrow Tout
5cTEST1 Marchwood Military Port to Hythe Marina
5gCPU10d Worbarrow Tout to Arish Mell (East)
5cFAW1-7 Hythe Sailing Club to Lee side of Calshot Spit 5gCPU10c Arish Mell (East) to Arish Mell (West)
5cLYM14 Calshot Spit 5gCPU10b Arish Mell (West) to Mackerel Rock
5cLYM13 Calshot Spit to Hillhead 5gCPU10a Mackerel Rock to Bacon Hole
5cLYM12 Hillhead to South of Bourne Gap 5gCPU9 Bacon Hole to Lulworth Cove (East)
5cLYM11 South of Bourne Gap to East of Stone Point 5gCPU8b Lulworth Cove
5cLYM10 East of Stone Point to Lepe 5gCPU8a Lulworth Cove (West) to Stair Hole
5cLYM9 Lepe to Inchmery 5gCPU7c Stair Hole to Man O’War Rocks
5cLYM8 Beaulieu River 5gCPU7b Man O'War Rocks to Bats Head
5cLYM7 Warren Farm Spit 5gCPU7a Bats Head to White Nothe
5cLYM6 Warren Beach Cottage to Pitts Deep 5gCPU6g White Nothe to Ringstead Bay (West)
5cLYM5 Pitts Deep to Elms Court 5gCPU6f Ringstead Bay (West) to Ringstead
5cLYM4 Lymington River 5gCPU6e Ringstead to Osmington Mills (East)
5cLYM3 Lymington Yacht Haven to Saltgrass Lane 5gCPU6d Osmington Mills (East) to Goggins Barrow
5cLYM2 Saltgrass Lane to North Point 5gCPU6c Goggins Barrow to Osmington Bay Holiday Centre (West)
5cLYM1 North Point to Hurst Castle 5gCPU6b Osmington Bay Holiday Centre (West) to Osmington Bay Holiday Centre (East)
5fCBY7 Hurst Spit 5gCPU6a Osmington Bay Holiday Centre (East) to Redcliff Point
5fCBY6 Milford-on-Sea 5gCPU5e Redcliff Point to Bowleaze Cove (East)
5fCBY5 Becton to Hordle Cliff 5gCPU5d Bowleaze Cove
5fCBY4 Barton-on-Sea 5gCPU5c Bowleaze Cove to Overcombe
5fCBY3 Naish 5gCPU5b Overomcbe to Preston Beach Groyne
5fCBY2 Avon Beach to Highcliffe 5gCPU5a Preston Beach Groyne to Commercial Pier
5fCBY1 Mudeford Sandbank 5gCPU4  Commercial Pier (Pleasure Pier Weymouth) to South Pier (Stone Pier Weymouth)
5fCHB5 Mudeford Quay 5gCPU3 South Pier (Stone Pier Weymouth) to North Breakwater
5fCHB4 Mudeford Town Frontage 5gCPU2e Portland Breakwaters
5fCHB3 Grimbury Marshes to Stanpit
5gCPU2d Fleet Opening (North) to Fleet Opening (South)
5fCHB2 Southside of Christchurch Harbour 5gCPU2c Fleet Opening (South) to North End Of Tank Farm
5fCHB1 Harbour side of Mudeford Sandbank 5gCPU2b North End Of Tank Farm to Portland Castle
5fPBY3 Hengistbury Head to Warren Hill 5gCPU2a Portland Castle to Portland Breakwater
5fPBY2 Warren Hill Point to House Cafe 5gCPU1f Portland Breakwater to Rifle Ranges (Disused)
5fPBY1b Point House Café to Bournemouth Boundary 5gCPU1e Rifle Ranges (Disused) to Grove Point
5fPBY1a Bournemouth Boundary to Sandbanks Ferry Slipway 5gCPU1d Grove Point to Church Ope Cove (North)
5fPHB17 Sandbanks Ferry Slipway to North Haven Point 5gCPU1c Church Ope Cove (North) to Church Ope Cove (South)
5fPHB16 North Haven Point to Whitley Lake 5gCPU1b Church Ope Cove (South) to Southwell Slip
5fPHB15 Whitley Lake 5gCPU1a Southwell Slip to Bill of Portland